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The Wild Provence


Make pleasant your transfer to Nice : This private day tour, for 1 to 7 people with luggage provides you a perfect opportunity to visit the lavender fields in Valensole (when blossomed, between approximately June 15th and July 15th), the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie by the lake Sainte Croix, and the Verdon Canyon. You will not loose a half day for a transfer !

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Starting from Avignon or Aix-en-Provence, this private day tour is the perfect alternative to a simple transfer, for the same price as a car with driver !

Near Valensole have a photo session in the lavender and sunflower fields when blossomed, from beginning June to end July. You will understand what lavender ocean's terms mean !

Gaze in the beautiful village of Moustiers Sainte Marie, another one of the most beautiful villages of France, have a look at the unique "Faience de Moustiers" : Famous potteries's manufacturing technique imported from an Italien monk at the XVth century, enhanced by the use of the local pigments, especially the blue. Find a nice terrace for lunch (not included).

After lunch you can choose to rent a foot-pedal boat, a canoe or an electric boat to enjoy a first visit of the Verdon Canyon by the river.

Then we will take the way to Nice, passing by the majestic Verdon Canyon where we will stop for some visits and panoramic photo stops, and observe the eagles if we are lucky.

Finally when getting closer to Nice we will have a nice view of Cannes and the sea from the mountain, before to reach your hotel in Nice.

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